Tuesday, December 02, 2014

How my brain works

     "Hmmm, I have a second; I'll check pinterest for clever holiday decorating ideas.  Let's see, rustic holiday, traditional holiday, modern holiday, decorating your porch, decorating your entryway, decorating your kitchen, decorating your bathroom....
      "Wait a second. Somebody has a board all for decorating their bathroom for the holidays? Is that a thing now? That's so stupid!"

I click on it.

     "I suppose Christmas hand towels make sense. And a couple candles. Ooh, holiday scented soaps!"

I open a google tab and search Christmas+scented+soap.

     "Why does everyone show photos of the actual soap? No one cares what their bar of soap looks like! I need to see the pretty decorative wrapper!  Oh my God, why do the ones with pretty decorative wrappers cost so much more than the ones that just show the soap? Are they charging me ten dollars more for twelve square inches of Christmas paper?! I could do that myself with wrapping paper."

light bulb

     "Why don't I just buy the scented stuff in the ugly wrapper, wrap it myself with Christmas paper and a glue stick, print a label to go around it, and save tons of money?  I. Am. A. GENIUS!"
     "Shit, I've been on the computer forever. When am I supposed to pick up the kids from school?"