Tuesday, December 01, 2009

just to get it off my chest

  • Laptop, not labtop
  • Dilated, not dialated
  • regardless, not irregardless
  • couldn't care less, not could care less. Unless you actually care, in which case I suppose it would be possible for you to care less than you do.
  • clitter-us, not clit-TORE-us
  • corroded, not creoded.
  • lose as in lost, loose as in not tight
  • they're/their/there figure them out
  • than denotes relation (more this than that), then denotes time (do this, then that). Don't say "I wish I had more then I do," unless you mean that when you wish for more, you then have it.
  • there is no A in tomorrow
  • 'deaf' means unable to hear. 'death' means unable to hear for a whole other reason.
  • The new terrorist prison in Illinois is in Thomson, not Thompson. I don't know why it bugs me, but it's important to the Thomson population that you not butcher their name. And on the same note......
  • The city is Joe-lee-ette, not Jolly-ette.
  • TMI, but I have a cervix, not a cervex. Unimportant, I know, but it's up there with....
  • It's nuclear, not nucular
  • They're fringe benefits, not French benefits
  • it's definitely (as in finite), not definately.

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