Wednesday, March 24, 2010

naming babies

There are millions of names in the world to choose from, but not really that many after you eliminate:

  • Tom's ex-girlfriends' names
  • my ex-girlfriends' names
  • my ex-boyfriends' names
  • immediate family's names
  • names we associate with some bitch/asshole we went to school with
  • names that will give a kid stupid nicknames (Brian Allen Melton would be Bam, or worse BM)
  • names that don't go with our last name (Sheldon Melton, Elton Melton, Milton Melton)
  • over-used and trendy names, so anything in the top 100 for last year
  • ethnic names that don't match our heritage. ( I have nothing against the name Almir, but I can't name my son that, you know?)
  • names that are too dated or associated with pop culture (Hermione, Dexter, etc)
  • names we just can't bring ourselves to use (I know it sounds picky but everyone has them. Hugo, Millicent, Bertha)
And after you take out all of those names, then you have to actually agree on something that you both like. Together. Twice since we're waiting to learn the sex. And we have 5 months left to do it in. And the best part is, the girl name we had last time, I don't even really like this time around. We were thinking Ivy or Lila before and this just doesn't feel like an Ivy or Lila pregnancy. So we're back to square one.

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