Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Barbie Dream House

We're trying to buy a house. A larger house for our family, but a smaller place for us. Make no sense? Well here's the deal. The house is bigger, with a family room downstairs and an extra bedroom to be a toy room. But the master bedroom is much smaller than what we have now. And the master bath, ugh! They took about 2 feet off the end of the bedroom and built a shower stall on one end of it and a 4 or 5 foot closet on the other end.  In that closet they put a toilet facing a sink with a door in between. So when you go poo, you step out and bang your shin on the dresser. When you shower, you step out naked into the bedroom. And between the shower and the pee closet is a giant mirror and vanity just open to the room. We have to wall all that in at some point.  Also, the kitchen is smaller than our current one, but there's a dining room so it sort of evens out. Less cupboard space, a very small single sink so I don't know how we'll wash the pots too big for the dishwasher, and the fridge sticks weirdly far out into the kitchen. But it'll work better for our family and that trumps personal space. Ooh, and it's by the woods! Last night I bought a hammock online! A hammock! With which to flip my kids on the ground. Yay! And trees to walk around between and try to climb and fall out of. Lots of little boy things for my little boys. And Ryan loves to draw trees and can take long walks in the woods with her sketch pad. All around a good thing. So wish us luck on this house thing. The home inspection is in 4 days so if it's all going to fall apart, that'll be when.


Lua Morris said...

Besides sleeping and the occasional romp with your hubby, what else do you use your bedroom for? You don't need a lot of space there. The bathroom set-up sounds strange and dangerous. Very weird description you provided. There's always an adjustment period with a new kitchen. Maybe you might find the cozier set-up is better. I'm so happy for you and your kids. This house sounds like the perfect place to raise your family. I am very eager to see it next time I'm in town. Oh, and I'm sure the inspection will be fine. Yay for you!

Kate said...

Very exciting! Hope you get it. Good thing your hubby is handy and can fix the weirdness, eventually.