Thursday, August 01, 2013

When do I cut my losses.

I bought a hammock and stand online, on a sale site, for $150. That's a good buy for a hammock and the stand. But then when it came, it was just the hammock. No stand.  And of course the order confirmation is long gone. So then I was on a different sale site and found a hammock stand for $60.  So I swallowed my miserly nature and bought it. Ryan spend half an hour in the back yard putting it together and then when she was finished she climbed in for a nice rest. And her ass hit the ground. So now I have over $200 sunk into this thing and I think I need a hammock pad for it, too. Is it even worth it anymore?

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Lua Morris said...

What have you decided to do? Really sorry to hear about your hammock experience. I can only imagine your frustration. Ugh!