Saturday, March 08, 2008

Alien Appetite

I have food cravings. For instance, I hate sauerkraut. Can't stand the stuff. And I don't eat hot dogs. I have no idea what they put in them but I have a friend who works at an Oscar Mayer plant and she tells me to avoid them. A couple nights ago I made Tom buy me hot dogs and sauerkraut in the middle of the night. I had visions of Chicago street vendors in my head and I cooked and ate the hot dog, piled high with kraut. The next day I woke up wondering what the Hell I'd been thinking. Tonight, I fight off the urge to go make myself another one. This baby is strange. Also, I think it looks like either a Roswell alien or the Grateful Dead lightning bolt skull. What do you think?

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roberts05 said...

Oh Charlie, I am so so jealous! There is a little bit of an alien-ish look, but still so adorable. How much longer do you have? Isn't the food cravings the worst? I spent 2 weeks eating like 5 packs of chewy sweet-tarts a day! No wonder I ended up with gestational diabetes, ha. Good luck in the weeks to come.