Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hillary In A Different Light

In the beginning I just wondered about her electability. A lot of people still equate the name Clinton with secret blowjobs, and after almost 20 years of Clintons and Bushes I wondered if people didn't want a new name in town. Now, I just think she's kind of pissy.

Some MSNBC anchor accused the Clinton camp of pimping Chelsea out to the phone banks. Seem after months of keeping Chelsea out of the spotlight, she was making phone calls with the best of them trying to claim superdelegates and celebrity endorsements. Well Hillary took offense to the word "pimping" and turned away in a huff. She refuses to participate in any debates on MSNBC and won't even acknowledge an apology from the now-suspended anchor. Basically she took her ball and her bat and went home pouting. Also, she exposed a pretty big weakness to the world. Sure, I guess the guy was over the line, but in this world today, shit happens. And now Al-Qaeda knows that all they have to do is talk bad about her kid and Hillary will throw reason out the window. Fifty bucks says the first Bin Laden tape after the inauguration will, if Hillary's elected, mention Chelsea. And what do you want to bet it'll lead to some sore of military offensive, the likes of which she is campaigning against right now?

Also, after the Democratic party as a whole decided to penalize Michigan and Florida by not campaigning there and not accepting their delegates to the convention, after Hillary had been the only name on the democratic ballot in Michigan and was way in the lead in Florida, after polls showed Obama gaining on her, she decided to announce that it was patently unfair to ignore the votes of all of the democrats in Florida and Michigan. She asked that their delegates be counted and tried to make it out that Obama didn't care about the people and that only she thought every vote counted. Again, her name was the only one on the ballot in Michigan, and she had agreed to original plan in the beginning.

She's showing desperation, and she's not looking good. She's coming off as pouty and bitchy and even a little under-handed. Why can't she just give up and walk away like Romney did? Why can't she be the sore-loser/quitter like him? I like the idea of a close game, but she's really showing a bad side here. If I had been one of the people to vote for her early on, I'd want to change my vote.

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