Saturday, December 20, 2008

Aging gracefully?

I have a dilemma. For years I've dyed my hair. I'd gone exclusively red until Tom mentioned that his first wife had been a redhead, and a drug-addles bitch, so I started bouncing around between shades of red and blond. Then I got pregnant and decided not to dye my hair due to health concerns and was shocked by how much gray came in. A couple months ago I decided to try brunette for a change and now it's faded to match the non-gray portion of my natural color. It's past time to touch up my roots, and I have the dye in the bathroom waiting, but I'm hesitant. I'm considering just going natural.

I 've been teased about my gray roots before and am not looking forward to it again, but I don't have anything agianst gray hair. Tom is gray and it's sexy as hell. And if I were to go completely uniformly gray I wouldn't blink twice about it. But part of me suspects that this may be the wrong time to go gray. I'm still carrying about 20 pounds more than I can stand, 30 more than I want, and I'm afraid that gray roots will be the final straw in "letting myself go". I want to age naturally and gracefully. I'm just afraid that my natural aging process may be less than graceful.

So, what do you think? Should I go natural or pour on the color?

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roberts05 said...

I'd say do whatever makes you feel the best about yourself. I personally can't stand to see gray/white in my hair. It's such a contrast to what my natural color used to be. I am freaking out right now because I haven't been able to get my roots touched up and I'll probably go into labor before they can get fixed. I typically have to get them touched up every 5-6 weeks and yes I continued throughout my pregnancy. The doctor was ok with it, so I knew I would feel better about things if I kept it up.
You're still young, so I say there is no reason to go gray just yet. I'm going to have about 40 pounds that I want to get rid of, so I'm right there with you on that aspect as well. Good luck with it all.