Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Phrases/words that drive us nuts.

Everyone has them, so add yours in the comments.  Please.
  1. Anywho.
  2. Anyways
  3. Irregardless
  4. water over the bridge (my mom says this all the time, and the phrase is water under the bridge. Water over the bridge would actually wash out the bridge, making my point that whatever we're talking about was a big deal. Bridge collapse isn't a good metaphor for overreaction, Mom.)
  5. It is what it is. Um, what else would it be?
  6. Ima, to mean I'm going to. As in, "Ima let you talk in a minute."
  7. Innit, to mean isn't it. As in, "It's nice outside, innit."
  8. Shabby chic. It's like trashy classy; it's oxymoronic!
  9. African American, when speaking about people who aren't, in fact, American at all.  For instance, black people who live in Europe aren't generally African American.  Haitians aren't African American. Black people in Africa aren't African American.  Unless they're tourists, from America.
  10. Up Chuck, for obvious reasons.
  11. Grammar nazi.  Have we really forgotten the horrors of the holocaust so much that knowing the difference between saw and seen is up there with furniture made from human skin?
  12. Breastfeeding nazi. Hmmm, one wants babies to get full nutrition, the other skeet-shoots them. Where's the similarity, there?

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Lua Morris said...

I can't come up with any words/phrases that drive me nuts. However, I do love to say, "That's how I roll."