Thursday, February 09, 2012

My son has hair

My son has hair. He has what, to me, is a pretty standard little boy hair cut. Longish, shaggy, a hair cut I see in the childrens' sections of sales flyers all the time.  I never knew it was so controversial to have a little boy with hair.
I have been told he looks like a girl, which is ironic because people told me Ryan looked like a boy until her hair was well past her shoulders.  And I hear an awful lot of "I would never let my son have long hair," online.  But the little kids with short hair, they all look like they're ready for church, all prim and proper. My son's hair moves, it gets blown by the wind, it swings and bounces when he laughs.  And it's not that I'm too lazy to have it cut. It would be MUCH easier to have it all sheared off  or to cut it short enough to have room to grow between cuts than to go get his bangs cut out of his eyes every month (he is not good with hair cuts).  But to cut his hair off now would age him so much and I'm not ready for that. He doesn't have to look like a little man. He can look like a little boy for as long as he wants (and by the way, I live by a junior high and a high school and I see dozens of teenage boys with floppy hair walk by the house every day. It worries me, since I have a 13 year old daughter who has a penchant for teenage boys with floppy hair.).  And if Tommy wants to cut his hair short someday, I will let him, and he'll have a hell of a lot more to work with than if I'd kept it short.  But he's three. He doesn't need to apply for a job, or look professional, and no one under 60 has ever mistaken him for a girl (and those were both people who kept their boys' heads shaved in the summer so I think they may have said it on purpose to make a point. An assholey point.)


roberts05 said...

I like his hair. Aiden had long, curly hair until Jeremy went along to a hair appointment. Aiden begged to have it buzzed, so I relented. I still get teary eyed when I look back at his curls. I understand Aiden wants to be like his friends, so I don't fight him anymore.
Tommy looks adorable, so try not to let the negative jabs get to you. I know it's not easy at times.

Lua Morris said...

I can't believe this bothers you. Such is the joy of being a mother and making decisions for your child.

chronicbliss said...

It doesn't bother me so much as it irritates me. People who believe boys should only have short cropped hair are so pushy about it and call any boy with more than a crew cut a girl. I really wish I could make up a tshirt that says "Yes I do have hair AND a penis!"

Lua Morris said...

I would be irritated too. Most people cannot help but speak their opinion very freely.