Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I have decided to change my wifi network name (as soon as I can figure ut how). I am taking a vote in the comments section to see what I should change it to. I will also take write-in votes from anyone wittier than me. Don't be afraid; I haven't set the bar too high.

  1. Voldemort's Lair
  2. Room of Requirement
  3. FBI surveillance van #231
  4. DEA surveillance van #231
  5. All the girls say I'm pretty fly for a wi-fi
  6. wi-fi full of viruses
  7. wi-fi full of crazy porn (I really just want to see how many of my neighbors try to hook up to that one)


Kate said...

I like #5. I saw the FBI one on Pintrest or facebook and thought it was pretty funny.

Lua Morris said...

Number five is my favorite too.