Monday, February 04, 2008

One Day To Super Tuesday

Maria Shriver endorsed Barack Obama the other day. Her husband endorsed John McCain. Reminds me of my marriage, except that I don't know who Tom's rooting for. Sadly, I think he's so partisan that he doesn't even care until there's a democrat to beat. I don't think he gives a shit who the president is as long as it's a republican. I know he hates Hillary, as all white male republicans do, and I know he dislikes Obama for being a democrat. But I don't know who he favors in a Romney McCain race.

I hate Romney. He's too slick and too flip-floppy. He's a salesman, and a greasy one at that. Plus, I don't care what his religion is but he's too religious. It's probably a natural response to the criticism over the Mormon thing, but he runs too many "I have a deep and abiding faith in Christ" ads. And I think the God-crazy GOP president thing has kind of run its course already, don't you? But McCain I can stand. I mean he's a social nightmare, but he's the only GOP candidate who is against torture. I know, it's sad when being against torture is even note-worthy let alone a breakout position, but Romney mentioned Jack Bauer in a debate once. I've heard McCain say what I've been thinking for years. Stop talking about the other side. Stop comparing our "mild" torture to what they do in Iraq. The fact is, we're supposed to be better than them and the proud history of America was not built on torturing POWs. We are better than that, and we have to remember it.

It used to be that torture was something that the other side did, and that our brave soldiers were strong enough to endure when they could and if they couldn't they were fallen heroes . Torture was an act of unspeakable horror inflicted by an evil enemy. We might make our POWs work, but we did NOT torture them. We had a line that we as Americans were too honorable to cross, and the fact that we didn't sink to their level was a source of pride. Now, with our outsourced torture and the waterboarding, what pride is there left to have? And when you think about the "intense interrogation techniques", why did the government even bother to disavow those guards in Guantanamo Bay? All they did was take pictures and strip people naked and pose them. It's not like they were pretending to drown them, making them fear for their life or anything.

I really really hope Obama wins the nomination and then the presidency. But if we have to get stuck with another GOP president then McCain would be best. At least I won't cry for the future if I hear he won like I did after the last election.

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