Friday, February 25, 2011

Mommy Badges

I was inspired recently by another mommy to think of some "Mommy badges". Mommy badges are like Girl Scout badges. They commemorate milestones that every (or most) mommies go through. A good baby shower game would be for all of the guest mommies to make badges for the guest of honor, to let her know what she can look forward to. Here are some badges I've earned, and I encourage you to leave yours in the comment section.

  1. the "Is there a baby in your tummy?" "No, I'm just fat" badge
  2. the walked in on during sex badge
  3. the loud in public "Who farted?!" badge
  4. the puked on at the grocery store badge
  5. the Oh my god what are you eating badge (could be a crumb from the floor, could be a cricket, you don't know)
  6. the "I'm going to enjoy this moment of peace because when I go see what he's up to I'll blow my top" badge
  7. the trip to the doctor because some non-food item has been swallowed badge (pennies, rocks, whatever)
  8. the swearing toddler in public badge
  9. the "Why aren't Barbie's boobs long like yours?" badge
  10. the "I hate you" badge (every mother's version of an Eagle Scout badge)

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