Sunday, April 24, 2011

I wonder

There is no gay agenda and no one "promotes homosexuality" or tries to recruit anyone, but just for a second ignore that and ponder this. What if people did promote homosexuality, and try to recruit people to be gay? Why would that be bad?
Keeping in mind that you're either born gay or not, which is, you know, fact, why would people care if someone were to tilt at those particular windmills?  What if I decided to promote blue eyes, and recruit people to have blue eyes? It would be ridiculous and stupid, but who would it offend? I suppose if I got popular enough, people might notice and decide that I was unfairly discriminating and treating poorly those without blue eyes.  And that might hurt their feelings, to be told, however indirectly, that blue eyes are desirable over other colors.  Is that the problem? Are the straight people sad because no one wants to recruit them to be straight? Are they upset that no one is starting a straight straight alliance, or holding big leather boy parades for them? Are they sad because we get Rupaul and they get Ozzie and Harriet?  (After all these years, I still say we.  How quaint."

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