Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Potty Training

I have dreaded it for over a year now, and put it off because of it. But finally, we decided to just do it, because it has to be done. And after washing urine out of 20 pairs of tiny jockey shorts emblazoned with cartoon characters in 2 days, he got it. I finally stopped putting the underwear on him at all, but he got it. He crapped his shorts, I dumped it in the potty chair, made him look at it, and the next time he pooped he sat on the potty to do it. He stretched his first morning's pee into 4 sessions, collected 4 candies for it, but ever since all of his pee has been in the potty, without prompting. For 2 days now I have occasionally heard, "Mommy! Chocket!" and been shown a potty in need of cleaning, and handed over the chocolate accordingly. Another few days of this and I might let the kid wear clothes. A week after that, maybe he can leave the house. And after a couple weeks of waking up dry (he is not doing that now), he can sleep in underwear. And then, God-willing, he will be potty trained. I am so very proud of him. He is so good with human waste.

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