Saturday, March 28, 2009

But not like Nixon, the good ones

I like Christopher Moore. I think his books are funny, particularly A Dirty Job. I read Lamb to Ryan once, glossing over the dirty parts, and thought privately how nice it would be if religion could be like that. If you could be Christian without all the sanctimonious bullshit, without the condescension and the "You're going to Hell" crap. I kind of like the idea of Jesus, a rebel who palled around with whores and whatnot. But I hate the idea of Christianity, with all the evangelists and social conservatives. I personally think that Jesus would be all for gay marriage. For one thing, he was pretty much opposite of the Old Testament; OT being all fire and brimstone ant JC being all forgiveness and saving. But also that he was against judging people. The whole message seemed to pretty much boil down to, "You aren't God so don't try to guess what He thinks, just live your life as good as you can and butt out of other peoples'."

I fear I may be becoming a Christian. Not like my family is; they tend to go overboard with religion. But more like the Quakers. I like the Quakers. They talk to God and then they listen real hard to see if he answers. Too many people these days talk to God but not enough of them listen. They claim God speaks through them and all, but they don't ever just shut up and listen. If I were a Christian I think I'd try to listen. Not to the pope or anyone, but for God. Maybe he does just chat people up like in biblical times. Probably not, but maybe. Maybe the Christians of America today are too busy getting into sex scandals to listen. I wish I knew a Quaker to ask.

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