Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just to get it off my chest

It is tomorrow, not tomarrow.

It is definitely, not definately. Think finite.

If it's a person, the word is who, not that. "The guy that wrote the book" is wrong. "The guy who wrote the book" is right.

An apostrophe is used to show possession (or contraction, but that's not relevant now), not plurality. Don't address mail to "The Melton's" unless you're actually sending it to something that belongs to the Meltons.

It's a lot, not alot. Lot is a noun meaning a bundle, or large amount. Like on ebay.

When making a plural into a possessive, you put the apostrophe after the s. Example: The Smiths' house is the house belonging to the Smith family. But when it's a singular ending with an s, you still use an apostrophe and another s. Stephens's house is the house belonging to someone named Stephens. Jess's bike belongs to Jess. Jess' bike would have to belong to a bunch of people all named Jess. Why does everyone get this wrong?

.......to be continued

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