Monday, June 27, 2011

I wonder

I have a deeply philosophical question. I plan not to debate any of this at all, because it has just occurred to me and I'm just interested in hearing other viewpoints and options.  Here it is:
If it turns out that there is no afterlife, that at the moment of death everything just goes dark and shuts off, which is the worse consequence?  Is it, A) that we will never again see loved ones?  Or is it, B) that there is no universal justice and that horrible crimes committed in life and never caught will just never be caught, such as a serial killer getting away with it?


Anonymous said...

I think option 'b' is worse. I do not believe in an afterlife, so I already know that I will not see my loved ones when I die. The choice was really quite simple for me.

Anonymous said...

"If" it turns out? Its quite obvious that there is no afterlife. B is quite annoying but when I'm dead it won't matter at all because I'll be dead.