Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Offensive rants with f bombs

Religious people I can handle. Religious people I can often respect. But pot-smoking open-marriaging sailor-cussing very much not religious people who post religious facebook statuses 3 times a day drive me fucking nuts!

Also, although I am very happy that you've found Jesus (harder to spot than Waldo, that one), I wish more people would keep their personal relationships with God a little more, shall we say, personal.  As in, don't try to legislate against someone else's personal life and accuse them of "flaunting" things by merely not hiding in shame, and then loudly proselytize your pastor's interpretation of archaic script as though somehow butt-fucking is tantamount to child murder. Cuz it's not.

To recap (and it's sad that I need to post a disclaimer on what is basically me just screaming incoherently into an empty night, but I do): I have no problem with "Had a great time at church today; I am so blessed". I do have a problem with  "If you love Jesus and aren't afraid to post this, make it your status. Most people won't but if you're grateful for His sacrifice you will".  And I have huge issues with televangelists and political preachers (I admit it, I HATE Rick Warren). If God has taught you how to live then great. Live that way. Leave the rest of the world alone. God didn't spare Lot and Noah for being annoying as fuck; he spared them for following the rules themselves.  You can still be safe if Barney Frank gets married.

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