Monday, October 17, 2011

A conversation with Tommy

Tommy:  Ah-bus wace.

Me:  What?

Tommy:  I watch mooey. Ah-bus wace.

Me:  What movie?  Apples race?

Tommy:  No. Ah-bus wace.

Me:  I don't know what that means. Apples race? Applesauce lace? Can you say it a different way?

Tommy: A boat with pirates, and ah-bus wace.

And finally, I figured it out.
Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present Octopus Face:


Anonymous said...

Please don't ever stop sharing these conversations. I love them so much.

chronicbliss said...

I always post them with you in mind, Heather. I think you're the only one who reads this thing anymore.

Anonymous said...

I read every single post. These conversations are just so much fun. I always have to share them with Brian too.