Sunday, May 29, 2011

Welcome to the Hall's of medicine.

Tommy's rummaging around in my desk again.
"Mommy! Canny!"
"That's not candy, honey. That's a honey-lemon cough drop."
"My eat?"
"You won't like it. It tastes yucky. Ocky."
"My eat?"
"Fine. Suit yourself."

two minutes later

Tommy walks up to me, takes my left hand in his, carefully unfolds my fingers, opens his mouth over my palm, and lets the cough drop fall out into my hand, accompanied by a good amount of sticky honey-lemon drool.
"Canny ocky, Mommy."
This is at least the fourth time this scene has played out at my house.  And every time, every single time, Tom laughs so hard tears roll down his cheeks.

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