Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Because it's hot outside

Tommy is sitting with a bowl of ice cream in front of him. I am a kind and generous mother so I have gotten the cupcake sprinkles down for him. But alas, they have a big wide mouth on the jar and not a shaker lid, so we must be careful with this. I pour some into my hand and sprinkle them upon the ice cream.

Tommy: My try!

Me: Ummmmm, okay.

He pours some sprinkles into his hand and they fall through his fingers.

Tommy: My try adenn.
He tries again very carefully and slowly and this time cups his hand right and pours maybe half a teaspoon on the ice cream.

Tommy: My try, Mommy!
He jerks the jar out of my hand, always independent. He very carefully pours a small amount of sprinkles into his palm and then... DUMPS THE WHOLE JAR ONTO HIS ICE CREAM!

Tommy: despondent My ice cream! then happy My nummy!
He is now scarfing down a 50/50 mix of vanilla ice cream and candy sprinkles.
Mmmmm Mommy!

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