Friday, May 20, 2011

Waycho Canny

Tommy: "Mom! C'mere quick!"

Me (Oh God no, what now?) : "Why, honey?"

Tommy: "Canny! Mess! Canny mess!"

Me (getting up and following him into his bedroom): "Where? Show me."

Tommy (pointing to a mess of bright red handprints all over his mattress) "There."

Me: "Who did this?"

Tommy: "Danny the baby."

Me: "How?!"

Tommy: "Waycho's canny. Waycho's mommy canny."

And now it all makes sense. Danny found a piece of Twizzler (Rachael candy) which Rachael's Mommy very kindly gave to Tommy and Rachael, and chewed it into a red pulpy mess.  Also, he seems to have spit the mess out onto the floor, and it dried into the carpet. I think I'll make Tom clean that part up.

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