Thursday, May 12, 2011

yet another pet peeve

I get so sick of people who ask for advice and then answer their own question with a refusal to fix the problem.  "How do I get my baby to go back to sleep? And don't say let her cry because I'm not willing to do that."  "Is there any reason I shouldn't marry my girlfriend and don't tell me 'because I'm too young' because that's not a reason."  "What's wrong with saying n***** and don't say it's racist because I don't use it that way."  Basically what they're saying, what they're all saying, is "How do I solve this problem and don't tell me how to solve it because I'm unwilling to solve it."  I especially hate this when I do it, because not only am I engaging in a practice that is completely ineffective and ignorant, but I'm being a total hypocrite by doing it.

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