Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Look at these men.  They just look different.  Probably the two most well known evil men in recent history, and only one looks the part.  Adolf Hitler just looks like a monster.  His expression is angry, severe, merciless.  He looks like the kind of guy to orchestrate a genocide.  Osama Bin Laden looks nice.  He looks like a guy who'd hand you a flower at the airport.  His expression is peaceful, serene, spiritual.  And yet he was a monster.  A monster in human form, who committed and orchestrated horrible atrocities against innocent people.  But in the eyes, he looked nice.  It's one thing that strikes me in the last few days, as the news is full of stories about his death.  In the history books my children, and all future generations, will see a serene face.  When I was in school and we saw a monster in the history book, he looked like a monster. He was Hitler, in stark black and white with his arm out in nazi salute.  He didn't look like a Mike Meyers movie.  I fear that the reality, the horror of the man, will be lost just because the worst monster of our time happened to have kind eyes. 

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