Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rapture, traffic, and Jewish soldiers

Am I the only one who wondered if maybe the Rapture really was gonna happen today? Not like "Oh I better repent because Jesus will call home his flock today," but like "If I'm out in traffic and a driverless Caddy with a Jesus fish sticker takes out my minivan, and I kinda knew it was coming before I left the house, I am gonna be pissed!"

Also, on an unrelated note that occurred to me today as I drove past one of those stupid flat cemeteries where they make you have flat little stones so no one can find your grave unless they're standing right over it: What do they do when they bury a Jew in a military cemetery? Or are Jews not allowed?

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Heather said...

Not sure if my post went through. Jews get the star of david instead of the cross on their marker.