Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Adorable Tommy stories

Today Tom watching TV and Danny was in the bouncy seat in front of the TV and Tommy came up to me with a tissue covered in some sort of gelatinous goo. He handed it to me (ugh!) and when I thanked him he said, "Baby drink spilled." He had wiped Danny's chin after he spit up. He's so sweet.

The other day Tommy took Danny from me and carried him (I walk along with him all hunched over, hands under Danny's butt while Tommy carries him in a hug with his arms under Danny's armpits because it seems safer than playing tug of war) into his room where he laid him down on the floor on his back, laid down next to him, and then "flew" his dragons overhead to make Danny laugh.

Danny got a stuffed cat for Christmas. Our cat absolutely loves this toy. Tommy has gotten scratched and bitten more than once taking it away from the cat to give to Danny. (I think it must smell like milk from the baby's drool because otherwise I can't see why the cat loves it so much.)

Every day at lunch Tommy goes to Ryan's bedroom door and knocks and calls her to lunch. He knows she's gone; I don't know why he does it unless he thinks she's just holed up in her room all day every day, but just in case, he wants to let her know when lunch is ready.

When Tom was building Tommy's new bed for Christmas, he spent a lot of time in the basement working on it. We could hear the power tools and Tom moving lumber around through the vents and Tommy would stand at the vents and yell "Marco" into them until he heard his dad yell "Polo" back. He never got mad that his dad was in the basement for hours, as long as he could play Marco Polo with him through the furnace register.

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