Monday, January 24, 2011

. . . . and dis one

"Mommy mommy mommy! The bug, it gwoke."
Sure enough, he's crouched down over an immobile box elder bug. "How did it break?"
He holds up one finger. "I poke."
I had told him over and over to stop "poking" (squashing) the bugs but he never stopped. I think he thought he was petting them. He just wanted to touch them, but he always ended up killing them, or at least critically injuring them. I would explain it to him and he would nod and solemnly agree not to poke them, and then two minutes later, another bug would be gwoke.

There's a TV in Tommy's room. No channels, just a tv and dvd player, so that Tom can watch televised poker games in the living room while Tommy watches Cars or How To Train Your Dragon in his room. I was against it, but I lost that one. Tommy knows which button turns the tv on, but the tv seems to be set up that if you change the channel it disconnects from the dvd player. Then you have to push the button on the dvde remote to get the movie back. No big deal, except that I'm short and the remotes have to be kept out of Tommy's reach, so it's a hassle for me to go get the remote to fix it every time Tommy hits the channel button.
So this morning he comes to me, "Mommy turn dragons on." So I did, and then went to change the baby's diaper.
"Mommy dragons bzzzzzzt," he makes a noise to let me know the tv is just static.
I finished the diaper, set the baby down, grabbed the remote off the top of my desk, and went to fix the tv. I found him in the bedroom turning the tv off and on and off and on, trying to fix it himself.
I fixed it and then pointed to the power button. "Only touch this button. Just this one. None of the other buttons."
"Okay." I turned to leave. "And dis one." And then I heard static.
"No. Don't touch that one, because it makes the movie go away. Only touch this one." I showed him the power button again, fixed the picture with the remote, and left.
"Dis button bzzzzzzt." He'd pushed it again.
I went in and fixed it. "Never touch that button. Only touch this button. Only this one. Ever. This is the only button you push!"
"Okay. . . . and dis one."

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