Monday, January 03, 2011

Waaaaaaay to the left

I'm a liberal. But I'm not sitting around wondering what people can do for me. Shocking, I know. I believe in suing bad doctors for lots of money to give them a reason to not be bad doctors, not for torte reform. I'm for letting gay people get married, cuz it's none of my business and doesn't affect my life if they do. And I'm for helping people when they need help cuz what kind of country just lets people die around it and then shrugs and says "Not my problem."?

But I am not socialist. And part of that is scientific. I think that the US is a grand experiment in democracy, and you cannot change an experiment halfway through. You let it succeed or fail on its own, and if capitalism and democracy fail, then so be it. But, I also believe we can have an EPA and a DOT without becoming socialists. Especially when the hospital charges me ten dollars for a Vicodin because uninsured parents bring their kids to the ER with lung infections a regular pediatrician could have cured, if not for the $45 office visit charge. So I am a liberal, and I really wish people would stop trying to convince me not to be. In rather unpolite terms, I think non-liberals tend to be selfish fucks.

Respond in comments. Prove me wrong. I will admit it if you do.

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