Friday, January 14, 2011

Poor little crazy stalker guy

I fear confrontation. I really do. I'm the friend who just stops answering the phone rather than get into a fight. I do man up and explain things when I break up with someone, but if you did something that pissed me off I'm more likely to stew by myself than blow up about it. That said, people need to stop shooting from passive straight to aggressive in this world.

A 41 year old man has been arrested for stalking a 20 year old girl. Nobody told him to stop sending flowers and chocolates and emails. He has, by his own account, spent a lot of money on these gifts to a girl he says he fell in love with from a distance. Now, of course he's crazy and I can see why the girl is scared but let's face it- if he were Richard Gere and she were Natalie Portman and this were a movie he'd be considered incredibly romantic and they'd end up together. But here's the big thing I have a problem with; nobody ever told him to stop. Nobody ever told this guy that she didn't want his gifts, or that he was scaring her, or that she felt harassed or threatened in any way. From April 2008 to December 2010, this guy has been sending flowers and candy to this girl and she has been doing absolutely nothing to stop him, and then she had him thrown in jail. Maybe the letters got threatening, I don't know. But why did she sit there and do nothing for over 2 years? She's a Kennedy; she could have had an assistant do it or something. There should be a law that says you cannot have someone arrested for a recurring crime unless you tell them to stop first.

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