Monday, January 03, 2011


Salvia is safe. Or at least, studies have shown that it is. And no studies have shown that it isn't. At it apparently makes people feel just fabulous. It made it a little easier, for a while, for Miley Cyrus to be Miley Cyrus, and that's gotta just suck without drugs. So why are states rushing to ban it? I'll tell you why, because people want life to suck. The puritans who run this country don't want people to feel giggly and high, even if it's a harmless high. They ban everything just for causing euphoric feelings. You can get aspirin-codeine pills otc in Canada, but not here. You can get pot in the Netherlands. You can't even buy a Sudafed without ID here because some kid mixed it with transmission fluid to get high. I'm not pro-pot, or pro-transmission fluid or anything, but sometimes we need to escape. If that's a beer, or an ambien-induced conversation with my fish tank (not all that bright, but it just goes on and on and never shuts up), then it's not the government's business. And if smoking mint's cousin is safe and happiness-bringing, then it's probably the least offensive of anything Miley Cyrus has done on video, or is likely to do on video anytime soon.

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