Monday, January 03, 2011

I am NOT ready for this

My daughter has a crush. I think. Maybe she doesn't but I think she does, and she's too private to confirm or deny, so we'll go with my assumption. So for the purposes of this article, she has a crush. And he's not good enough for her!

But will anybody ever really be good enough for her? Will anybody be smart enough and motivated enough and mature enough and responsible enough? And for right now, she's twelve! If the perfect guy came along and wanted to date her, wouldn't the fact that a mature and responsible and smart and motivated guy wants a twelve year old scare me on its own? But this guy is nice. And not bad looking (when I squint and pretend I'm twelve, and remember my own crush on his father when I was that age), and that should be enough to impress a twelve year old girl, right? So, should I take her dad's advice and hate the guy for being good enough to impress a twelve year old, or should I be happy that my "weird kid" daughter has a bit of developmental normalcy, and has a crush? Maybe. I think.

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