Thursday, January 06, 2011

Old people piss me off

When I was a kid you could tell who the old people on the road were. They drove what we liked to call boats. Big 1970s Impalas, or Cadillacs. Four door cars with trunks longer than their vinyl-covered roofs. You knew they were old and you drove accordingly. Now they drive everything. I once saw a blue-hair in a PT Cruiser with flame graphics. It's like the baby boomers are getting old and they can't accept that so they run out and buy new cars. Just. To. Fuck. With. Us. How about this, Elderly Woodstock Survivor, how about you deny your aging by getting lasik surgery so you can see the road and then driving the actual speed limit instead of ten miles under it? It's got to work at least as well as buying a2 door Intrepid and using it to block traffic.

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