Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Someone tell me the word for this.

You know what's on my mind? Premises which eliminate any answer but one. I'm sure there's a word for that (and if there is, I want to know it so tell me in the comments section) but I don't know it so now I'll go on ad nauseum with examples.

Why is it that women seem to get either no plastic surgery/botox/liposuction at all, or all of it until they look horrible? You never seem to see the actress who gets one procedure when she's 40 and then looks well rested and fresh, and then quits while she's ahead. They all end up looking like Joan Rivers! I know why; because they're people who got that one procedure when they were 40. Women are made to stand close to the mirror. We see the one blackhead in an otherwise perfect complexion, the wrinkle forming between the eyebrows, and we fixate on it. It's probably because we had to zero in on the bad spot in the food before our family ate it or something, back in the caveman days, but now it just makes hot chicks think they're fat and ugly. And if a woman is the sort to see plastic surgery as an option, she will use it for everything. And then you end up with a plastic woman who doesn't look 30 years younger and just looks fake. But the skin that did sag now doesn't, and the blotch that was there isn't, and each piece that had to be fixed is, and she never steps far enough back from the mirror to see the big ugly picture. But the women who accept crows' feet and eyelid droop as okay don't go for the botox in the first place. The type who would quit while they were ahead never started in the first place.

Why do studies always show that second marriages have higher divorce rates than first marriages? Because the very question eliminates from the mix the sorts of people who don't divorce. Sure, some of the second marriages could be widows and widowers, but it's generally divorcees. And divorcees have seen that they can survive a divorce and go on to find love again. And just like everything else, it becomes easier each time. The world didn't end when my first marriage failed so it won't end when my second one does either. The people who refuse to file for divorce are less likely to find themselves in second marriages so they don't make the second marriage statistics.

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